Christine HamelCo-Chair BFA PerformanceBoston University School of Theatre,
Co-Author of Sounding Bodies: Identity, Injustice and the Voice

Christine Hamel

Christine Adaire and Zoe Chen’s gender-affirming workshop is a detailed and deep dive into evolving practices in the field and a reframing of traditional methods. The voice is centered as an integral aspect of identity, and the most up-to-date terminology and language are framed as essential to the specificity of thought required to guide voices towards liberating, expressive, authentic, and just ends. I so appreciate the modeling (and encouraging) of humility and curiosity alongside their profound expertise as our collective understanding of the way gendered and sexed lives are lived continues to grow. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough to voice practitioners as a springboard for voice training and development for any and all gender identities.

Brennan Murphy, Chair, Department of Theater and Dance, Baldwin Wallace University

Brennan Murphy

Christine Adaire’s Gender Affirming Voice Workshop was engaging, insightful, and incredibly informative. By the end of the two-day workshop, I learned practical exercises in working with the Trans community on vocal flexibility, resonance, pitch, and range. Not to be overlooked by the exercises was the extraordinary humanity and embracing nature of Christine and her co-leader, Zoe.  I encourage voice practitioners not to miss an opportunity to experience this new dynamic area of voicework. 

Amelia BroomeCo-Chair Performing ArtsEmerson College

Amelia Broome

Christine Adaire is a gifted and deeply knowledgeable teacher whose expertise and humanity combine not only to educate but to uplift participants in her workshop. She brings herself fully and openly into the space, and infuses the work with care, specificity, and warmth. This Gender Affirming workshop was such a gift, increasing my awareness of how I can support and advocate for people our LGBTQ+ community and giving me tools and language to strengthen my allyship. Christine Adaire is a bright, golden, radiant, profound teacher. What a privilege to learn and grow from her wisdom and presence.